Continue watching! Cast of Community Q&A following Table Read #stayhome #withme

The fun continues as the cast and creator of Community participate in a Q&A following their virtual table read.
About Community: When the legitimacy of his college degree is challenged, lawyer Jeff Winger must return to school where he finds himself leading a misfit coalition of fellow community college students.

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“Community” currently airs in the U.S. on Hulu and Netflix. Abroad, the show has a home on an array of channels, including Amazon Prime (Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, UK, Middle East and Canada), ABC and Stan (Australia), Television New Zealand Limited (NZ), Sony Liv and Zee Cafe (India), Pro7 Fun (Germany), CTV Throwback (Canada), ivi (Russia), Channel 4 (UK), DGP Media (Belgium), NENT (Scandi), Orange (Spain), RTI SPA (Italy), Claro Video (LatAm), and various networks in South Korea. Coming soon to Claro Visión (Dominican Republic).


  1. Emily Black

    Emily Black12 uur geleden

    Abed was the ass crack bandit! Watch theory by Mat Pat, he explains it very well!

  2. kolim jone

    kolim jone13 uur geleden

    people and their regard, their chemistry together.

  3. Niall McHugh

    Niall McHugh16 uur geleden

    Only just noticed Joel saying ''that's racist'' at the Childish Jeong-bino joke. I absolutely live for callbacks like that, and small background gags the guys are doing throughout. At times the interviewer need not even be there.

  4. Drag0n b0rn

    Drag0n b0rn16 uur geleden

    Little did they know film theory said abed was the ass crack bandit the whole time

  5. Ellie Simone

    Ellie Simone18 uur geleden

    Do the clip show episode!

  6. kolim jone

    kolim jone13 uur geleden


  7. Veronica Marie

    Veronica Marie18 uur geleden

    we're getting a Percy Jackson TV show, so I have hope for a community movie

  8. Veronica Marie

    Veronica Marie18 uur geleden

    mY HEART IS SO happy I love these guys so much

  9. Heather Bells

    Heather Bells19 uur geleden

    This crew is still so tight.. I guess it’s true what they say. *some things never Chang.*

  10. Well Hey

    Well Hey19 uur geleden

    This is the only television show reunion in the history of reunions that was worth watching. ❤️


    JOSEPHMAN3620 uur geleden

    Do they know what ever happened to Buzz Hickey????

  12. Marcy Dow

    Marcy Dow20 uur geleden

    Community is much better than Parks and Rec. ( I went to community college 3 different times).

  13. Dylan Costello

    Dylan Costello21 uur geleden


  14. Mikkel Nuttinbuttamuffin

    Mikkel NuttinbuttamuffinDag geleden

    I just want more of this group of people. Each and every damn one of them

  15. Mosh Mage

    Mosh MageDag geleden

    at the end there where they talk about parks being bigger: I didn't even knew parks was on at the same time, I only knew Community at that time. Parks is funny, but I like community's humor better

  16. Tristan E

    Tristan EDag geleden

    Love that game theories cracked the bandit case

  17. RealCoolGuy

    RealCoolGuyDag geleden

    Alyson keeps changing her scenery because no one is paying attention to her... also, I want to pick up that chair.

  18. Aaron Fonseca

    Aaron FonsecaDag geleden


  19. Valentinian the Great

    Valentinian the GreatDag geleden

    at some point Alison Brie decided to go FLOOR GANG OUH!

  20. Yateball

    YateballDag geleden

    Best school with a butt hole flag anywhere, I don't care who drew it

  21. Max Hanover

    Max HanoverDag geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1080">18:00</a>


    JELLOOKINGDag geleden

    Legends has it they were shooting the movie and Troy and Shirly is in it but covid stopped the shooting 🤭

  23. Boom Nation

    Boom NationDag geleden

    Troy is dead

  24. miko foin

    miko foinDag geleden

    at greendale.

  25. Fancy Clown

    Fancy ClownDag geleden

    6 seasons and is this the movie?...

  26. miko foin

    miko foinDag geleden

    In the movie I want Troy to be a millionaire, Annie is the best FBI agent ever, Abed is a famous movie director, Shirley has the most successful sandwich company and Jeff is

  27. Logan Tyler

    Logan TylerDag geleden


  28. Myka Klariz Billones

    Myka Klariz BillonesDag geleden

    I miss them

  29. Dylan Khumalo

    Dylan KhumaloDag geleden

    Best scene EVER!!! is Chang tazing his own Dick in a security guard uniform on top of a hospital bed👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

  30. Mopishfool

    MopishfoolDag geleden

    "The best rap done by anybody dressed like that" Um, Kanye once dressed as a Perrier bottle so... <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1110">18:30</a>

  31. Mitchel Paulus

    Mitchel PaulusDag geleden

    Oh Britta is in this?

  32. Kykywox

    KykywoxDag geleden

    I hope they know that if money is the issue, fans will ban together instantly to crowdfund a Community movie. Fingers crossed 🤞

  33. foolaloof

    foolaloofDag geleden

    let donald say fuck, you cowards

  34. Travis Kelsey

    Travis KelseyDag geleden

    Welp, gotta go watch every episode again. I miss these people like they are family. And it's still the best show on "tv".

  35. Yami

    YamiDag geleden

    Does anyone else remember when Donald was an interracial porn loving homeless guy living in a kids bedroom telling him he was a magical creature called a “Wink” like 13 years ago or something on CollegeHumor?

  36. 21-0RIDER

    21-0RIDER2 dagen geleden


  37. Tiffany Tan

    Tiffany Tan2 dagen geleden

    Watching community made me feel less alone when it aired. Now I've found my "study group" and I couldn't be happier.

  38. Kelly H

    Kelly H2 dagen geleden

    So Wayne Brady is just following in the LeVar Burton steps?

  39. misolou fout

    misolou foutDag geleden

    This was hardly a q and a it was just them having a great time for 40 mins lol

  40. lala

    lala2 dagen geleden

    This is so wholesome, this really brightened my day :’)

  41. Stephen Holt

    Stephen Holt2 dagen geleden

    I really enjoy how it effectively just ends up being a conversation among the cast

  42. Kmpb

    Kmpb2 dagen geleden

    In the movie I want Troy to be a millionaire, Annie is the best FBI agent ever, Abed is a famous movie director, Shirley has the most successful sandwich company and Jeff is still at greendale.

  43. Noxious Ophidian

    Noxious Ophidian2 dagen geleden

    Trump's the American President and Modi's the Prime Minister of India, it is definitely the darkest timeline!

  44. Nick Is Bomb

    Nick Is Bomb2 dagen geleden

    I watched the WHOLE thing in 5 days.... yes that’s all I did for five days, 63 hours of running time, 110 episodes.....

  45. Sintua

    Sintua2 dagen geleden

    Troy attempted to sail due East, since he can see it on a compass and it sounds like a thing they do in movies. After getting tossed about in a storm and almost dying, he decides to just "sail along the coast to Europe, then just follow the coast around the world". A plan he explains by drawing the path on a loose globe in the ship cabin. He actually ends up sailing along the coast to the south, gets lost in the gulf off Florida, lands in Louisiana ("France") which clearly justified he made it to Europe. He thinks Mexico is Spain, and Columbia is the middle east (it's here, he begins to wish he paid more attention in Geography, because he really thought there were going to be pyramids, not cocaine. Eventually Troy makes it to California, arriving back in the states after "sailing around the globe".

  46. Daniel Outhier

    Daniel Outhier2 dagen geleden

    6 seasons, a movie, and a deleted LeVar Burton tag

  47. Corban S

    Corban S2 dagen geleden

    If there's a movie they HAVE to do paintball. Then troy can burst in at the end to save Abed.

  48. Peady Costellow TV

    Peady Costellow TV2 dagen geleden

    I kinda feel sad when they talk about a movie I want a movie to happen but I doubt it ever will 😭

  49. dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo2 dagen geleden

    what's Gillian doing at 09:39 lol

  50. GetsumkiwiInya

    GetsumkiwiInya2 dagen geleden

    Aww they still have the banter and camaraderie together after all these years 😍😍

  51. dkquyeen

    dkquyeen2 dagen geleden

    danny pudi is basically a vampire, how?

  52. ColeKreviazuk

    ColeKreviazuk2 dagen geleden

    I will repeat myself: Laying in bed in Sweden, I've never teared up such a mix of tears before in my life. You may not be able to cure the physical part of the covid-crap, but this heals anything emotional that this corona virus has done to us. ❤ Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you ❤

  53. H BR

    H BR2 dagen geleden


  54. Dash One

    Dash One2 dagen geleden


  55. daft banna

    daft banna2 dagen geleden

    This was hardly a q and a it was just them having a great time for 40 mins lol

  56. Koori Graywolf

    Koori Graywolf2 dagen geleden

    Covid and Community <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1183">19:43</a> Donald: "Two things that lasted way longer than people thought" lmaoooooo

  57. Demjan

    Demjan2 dagen geleden

    I teard up <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2197">36:37</a> always loved her

  58. aborboao

    aborboao2 dagen geleden

    Where is Chevy Chase???

  59. Stephen Okawa

    Stephen Okawa3 dagen geleden

    Not a fan of Glover's mustache. I am BIG FAN of it.

  60. Stargazer1682

    Stargazer16823 dagen geleden

    Movie pitch: Abed is now a well accomplished Hollywood director, who has decided to make a documentary about his Greendale Community College reunion; and because of his prestige, everyone who ever went to Greendale wants to be apart of. The reunion, much to everyone's confusion, is taking place on a boat, but they figure, it's Greendale and it was probably an impulse buy by the Dean. In actuality, the whole thing was elaborately planned by Abed to enlist his former classmates and friends to find and rescue Troy. He reveals his plan only after they're already out at sea and people start asking about when they're going to be getting back. When accused of kidnapping Abed politely states that all of this was laid out in the terms agreement they all signed to be part of his documentary, which nobody actually read. The documentary was never about the reunion. In fact there was never really a Greendale reunion (nor had any previous class ever hold one); it had always been about rescuing Troy.. He started the documentary years ago, shortly after leaving Greendale; when he tracked down Levar Burton, who had returned to civilization and was the last person to see Troy alive. We find out that they were hit by a storm and Troy made Levar take the only life raft to save himself (or at least, so he says). There's probably an homage to Gilligan's Island in there, where they're marooned on an island. Abed refers to Shirley as the Skipper, on account of that boating class they took that one time. Jeff's the "Professor" since he was a professor at Greendale. Annie and the Dean fight over who is more Mary-Ann; and Britta's Gilligan. Troy, who albeit is still missing, is dubbed the millionaire, being Pierce's heir; and Jeff probably makes an observation about Abed being Troy's wife. The island they end up on *is* the same one Troy washed up on; only they find out that he had escaped on his own and made it back to the mainland. And now he's returned with his own documentary crew, lead by a rival of Abed's, to document his story of survival and escape. This hurts Abed when he finds out that, not only Troy make it back and never contacted him, he let someone else tell his story.

  61. Stargazer1682

    Stargazer16823 dagen geleden

    As far as catching up with the characters go, Jeff is probably still teaching at Greendale and may be on track to become the new Dean. Britta is a school counselor. She claims to be in a committed relationship, but the others begin suspecting she's having an affair with someone else at the "reunion," only to find out that she's actually part of a poly-amorous marriage with a woman and two men (one of whom may or may not be Jeff).

  62. memo zoro

    memo zoro3 dagen geleden

    6 seasons and a movie

  63. Joshua R

    Joshua R3 dagen geleden

    Please do a movie

  64. Matthew Ward

    Matthew Ward3 dagen geleden

    Alison Bries cat - Want to pet

  65. Edwin Lee (Fallout Media)

    Edwin Lee (Fallout Media)3 dagen geleden

    what's Gillian doing at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="579">09:39</a> lol

  66. Adam Blaze Erangey

    Adam Blaze Erangey3 dagen geleden

    Are we all just gonna ignore that Dan Harmon is in the closet?

  67. N hoss

    N hoss3 dagen geleden

    Wish John Oliver was here.

  68. Devil 悪魔

    Devil 悪魔3 dagen geleden

    Now all that's left is the movieeeeeeeeeeeeeee. We still have hope! Dan took his shirt off, means he's so ready for it! In the meantime at least we still have Rick & Morty!

  69. afutla qian

    afutla qian3 dagen geleden

    Miss Chevy Chase with the group!

  70. Jay B

    Jay B3 dagen geleden

    So we gone ignore Allison showing off her perfect soles for most of the video? They look so small and soft.

  71. johnnycamine

    johnnycamine3 dagen geleden

    the show is of course amazing and incredible and i love it, but there’s something just so much more entertaining and enjoyable about watching all these actors with dan just talk as friends, and not operating in some plot, and honestly it’s equally as funny

  72. Two Wheel Motoring

    Two Wheel Motoring3 dagen geleden

    please we need a movie....please

  73. Mickey E

    Mickey E3 dagen geleden

    Troy is dead.


    Im_not_TALENTED EAT_UR_CEREAL3 dagen geleden

    Where’s Leonard

  75. Karla B.

    Karla B.3 dagen geleden

    Man, I would marry Danny Pudi so fast. Let's face it, he's pretty adorable.

  76. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy3 dagen geleden

    I'm glad that Donald has fond memories of Community.

  77. Sam Noonan

    Sam Noonan3 dagen geleden

    here you go Donald:

  78. Ria

    Ria3 dagen geleden

    Omg I love this!!! Amazing!!!

  79. Humberto Junqueira de Araújo

    Humberto Junqueira de Araújo3 dagen geleden


  80. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy3 dagen geleden

    I would love for more of my favorite shows to do this but I guess that's what made this show and its cast so special.

  81. soloseraphim Heartsong

    soloseraphim Heartsong3 dagen geleden

    This made me smile so much ❤️❤️❤️. Thank you.

  82. Genth

    Genth3 dagen geleden

    Shirtless Dan Harmon looks like he's lost on the subway


    THE GOOD CONTENT3 dagen geleden

    I loved this. They are all great and I felt like a friend included in the reunion.

  84. Jake Staton

    Jake Staton3 dagen geleden

    Childish Jeongbino

  85. Daniel Barde

    Daniel Barde3 dagen geleden

    Miss Chevy Chase with the group!

  86. Daniel Barde

    Daniel Barde3 dagen geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="355">5:55</a> Troy ended up on and island and is now talking to a soccer call with a drawn face named Abed!

  87. Elvis Tran

    Elvis Tran4 dagen geleden

    Ok so Alison just went completely floor gang there

  88. helgi i Nesinum

    helgi i Nesinum4 dagen geleden

    "Stop letting him make you realise things"