BUFFALOED Trailer (NEW 2020) Zoey Deutch, Comedy Movie

BUFFALOED Trailer (NEW 2020) Zoey Deutch, Comedy Movie
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  1. Arantxa ._.

    Arantxa ._.21 uur geleden

    Best fucking movie

  2. Tochi Chikwendu

    Tochi ChikwenduDag geleden

    This movie was actually REALLY GOOD

  3. Revival

    RevivalDag geleden

    Why can't I find tickets for this?

  4. anon.anon09

    anon.anon094 dagen geleden


  5. Pierre-Philippe R.-Gauthier

    Pierre-Philippe R.-Gauthier4 dagen geleden

    Go Bills!

  6. yavi n

    yavi n6 dagen geleden

    Zoey is a good actress. This looks dope!

  7. Ravleen Liu

    Ravleen Liu8 dagen geleden

    Her accent is so accurate 😭😭😂

  8. Lay TheLibra

    Lay TheLibra10 dagen geleden

    Oh i gotta watch this I’m from buffalo 😭😭

  9. Aleya

    Aleya10 dagen geleden

    I think she lost weight from the last movie I saw her in Vampire Academy.

  10. Jill Sarah G

    Jill Sarah G15 dagen geleden

    ayyyyy Buffalo

  11. David Moses

    David Moses21 dag geleden

    did she just scream the n word?

  12. Sandra Arizechi

    Sandra Arizechi24 dagen geleden

    Oooo... I laiki!

  13. Rick J

    Rick J24 dagen geleden

    I'm developing a Zoey fixation.

  14. Drew Jackson

    Drew Jackson25 dagen geleden


  15. peace hyde

    peace hyde27 dagen geleden

    Meh 😏

  16. dylan rogan

    dylan rogan28 dagen geleden

    not a good movie

  17. Altaf HH

    Altaf HH28 dagen geleden

    Trying to be Jessica Chastain.... Little Zoey

  18. Brythonic

    BrythonicMaand geleden

    Imdb score: 4.0

  19. Blighty

    BlightyMaand geleden

    Without having seen it, I think it would have been better off as a series.

  20. LackaDaisy

    LackaDaisyMaand geleden

    Reminds me of female version of Wolf of Wall street

  21. Daniela Gomez

    Daniela GomezMaand geleden

    I just saw the whole movie in this trailer

  22. Tochi Chikwendu

    Tochi ChikwenduDag geleden

    Daniela Gomez yh I get that but they didn’t mention a lot of the big parts and twists in the movie I really recommend it btw

  23. Daniela Gomez

    Daniela GomezDag geleden

    This is not a trailer anymore when it’s 2 minutes long. Feels like the summary of the movie lol

  24. Tochi Chikwendu

    Tochi ChikwenduDag geleden

    Daniela Gomez lol no you didn’t

  25. christai lynch

    christai lynchDag geleden

    haha certainly not

  26. Juliétte

    JuliétteMaand geleden

    Done with her now, They should never of had her say the n word - ever!

  27. DK H

    DK H29 dagen geleden

    They didn't you fucking idiot.

  28. Zack Keighron

    Zack KeighronMaand geleden

    No one from buffalo wants anything to do with this movie

  29. Raneem Ali

    Raneem AliMaand geleden

    is no one gonna talk about how she said the n word

  30. DK H

    DK H28 dagen geleden

    @Raneem Ali Let me help you, since you're a fucking idiot. This is a general audience trailer. That means, it's PG-13. It's not a red band trailer. There is no cursing, and there definitely aren't any racial slurs. You're fucking dumb.

  31. Raneem Ali

    Raneem Ali28 dagen geleden

    @DK H 2:18 . she says im gonna kill u n word

  32. Raneem Ali

    Raneem Ali28 dagen geleden

    @DK H lol yes she did

  33. DK H

    DK H29 dagen geleden

    She didn't.

  34. Raneem Ali

    Raneem AliMaand geleden

    @Juliétte past what racist people

  35. Nel HNZ

    Nel HNZMaand geleden

    I feel like this was made for Zoey.

  36. Eunice Tudio

    Eunice TudioMaand geleden

    love this girl since zombieland doubletap

  37. jeanne rose

    jeanne roseMaand geleden

    She’s everywhereeeeeee! And I aint complaining😍💖

  38. Unclejerry50th

    Unclejerry50thMaand geleden

    No no no no we did not need a wolf of wallstreet sequel

  39. lucy tag

    lucy tagMaand geleden


  40. matthew lowell

    matthew lowellMaand geleden

    A movie based in Buffalo, but filmed in Toronto? Who’s the director, Jon Bon Jovi?!

  41. hazey edits

    hazey editsMaand geleden

    think its bon jon bovi

  42. Grace Wells

    Grace WellsMaand geleden

    this is such a different role for Zoey omg

  43. Unjong Yeok

    Unjong Yeok6 dagen geleden

    She still being diferrent just like zombieland 2

  44. TallPsychoGirl

    TallPsychoGirlMaand geleden


  45. CLR R

    CLR RMaand geleden

    I'm a hustler

  46. bb77077

    bb77077Maand geleden

    White girl privilege.

  47. Fred

    FredMaand geleden

    Didn't Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio already make this film?

  48. Olivia Battles

    Olivia BattlesMaand geleden

    Her acting has changed 🤣

  49. Skyelar EmeryEagle

    Skyelar EmeryEagleMaand geleden

    This reminds me of Ellen page

  50. Art Kernow

    Art KernowMaand geleden

    Am I watching the whole film here....?

  51. Syafiq Rahim

    Syafiq RahimMaand geleden

    she couldbe a great gwen-pool

  52. DaleMurph

    DaleMurphMaand geleden

    Movie looks great

  53. yazan

    yazanMaand geleden

    the wolf of the Wall street feminist version

  54. DK H

    DK H29 dagen geleden

    Cool story, incel.

  55. REV 9

    REV 9Maand geleden

    0:05 0:08

  56. REV 9

    REV 9Maand geleden


  57. Lucas PQ

    Lucas PQMaand geleden

    Another Wolf of Wall Street

  58. Rogelio Vidal

    Rogelio VidalMaand geleden

    She's so funny and cute

  59. Gem Sesay

    Gem SesayMaand geleden

    Everytime i see her i think of the politician

  60. Kim Yap

    Kim YapMaand geleden

    okay wow this looks so good

  61. Tree God

    Tree GodMaand geleden

    Ayeee. 716 stand up! 💙❤️🤍

  62. Ren Torres

    Ren TorresMaand geleden


  63. Cris Angeles

    Cris AngelesMaand geleden

    This reminds me of her role in VA 😆😂

  64. Thomas Williams

    Thomas WilliamsMaand geleden

    Looks shite 🤮

  65. D-Beat & Techno

    D-Beat & TechnoMaand geleden

    This looks retarded like most American attempts at comedy.

  66. Ahmed Hathout

    Ahmed HathoutMaand geleden

    I love Zoey Deutch. I want her to star in a movie I wrote but by the time it actually gets made, she'll have been too old to play a high school student:(

  67. Rachel Vitko

    Rachel VitkoMaand geleden

    I’m from Buffalo and this doesn’t even look like Buffalo lmao. It wasn’t even filmed here. It was filmed in Toronto. The most we get is a Bills reference

  68. TheLighthouse

    TheLighthouse2 dagen geleden

    It doesn't. I lived there for a couple years. It's a relatively quiet place. Not much to do.

  69. deVictor Silverio

    deVictor SilverioMaand geleden


  70. kristbjorg999

    kristbjorg999Maand geleden

    Can’t wait ! And that lead actress is awesome, she is gonna be a big megastar any day now and she is a great actress as well

  71. Ms. 008

    Ms. 008Maand geleden

    Dope, I wanna see👌👀💯😂😅

  72. MrRetlav

    MrRetlavMaand geleden

    Omg, I'm such a quirky rebel, ohmagawd, yaaaas... 🙄😒

  73. Miss Curious

    Miss CuriousMaand geleden

    I Love Zoey. 💖💖💖💗💗💗

  74. doNUTELLA paran

    doNUTELLA paranMaand geleden

    lets not forget her WORST MOVIE : VAMPIRE ACADEMY