BREAKING: NASCAR says Newman in SERIOUS condition but will be OKAY

Newman had surged into the lead on the final lap when Blaney’s bumper caught the back of his Ford and sent Newman hard right into the wall. His car flipped, rolled, was hit on the driver’s side by another car, and finally skidded across the finish line engulfed in flames.
It took several minutes for his car to be rolled back onto its wheels. The 2008 Daytona 500 winner was placed in a waiting ambulance and taken directly to a hospital, and the damage to his Mustang was extensive. It appeared the entire roll cage designed to protect his head had caved.
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  1. Daniel Benson

    Daniel BensonMaand geleden

    That male came across more as if he was interested in that female reporter, AND also wanting to get his mug on a television news camera along with his friends’s camera phone. And then attempting to throw drinking and partying in with The Lord God Almighty HIMSELF. That male needs to hear this song by Crowder “Red Letters”. wado,Ann Benson.

  2. Jon MacDonald

    Jon MacDonaldMaand geleden

    B(🌼 Y 🌼)Bs for Ryan!

  3. Jon MacDonald

    Jon MacDonaldMaand geleden

    This sucks he really makes some good salad dressing!

  4. Scott Holbert

    Scott HolbertMaand geleden

    Wrong Newman stupid

  5. George ONeal

    George ONealMaand geleden

    I wanted to see Ryan win I would like to see something done about 12 Blaney for wrecking him. Dont need that kind of racing. Trying to kill him.

  6. Scott Holbert

    Scott HolbertMaand geleden

    Oh yes, he was the only one that was doing it. ( Bumpdrafting). It's obvious that you have never watched a race . So uninformed.

  7. Scott Holbert

    Scott HolbertMaand geleden

    If you do that , your only gonna have about 5 left in Nascar. The 5 that couldn't keep up to begin with 🙄

  8. Elle

    ElleMaand geleden

    Get well soon Ryan! We are are prayering for your speedy recovery!

  9. Thomas Martin

    Thomas MartinMaand geleden

    The best part about racing....the crashes

  10. Buickgnx007

    Buickgnx007Maand geleden

    Who is she looking for?? Looks like a deer in the headlights

  11. Susan Delaney

    Susan DelaneyMaand geleden

    Thoughts and prayers be with his family and friends!

  12. William Hadden

    William HaddenMaand geleden

    May god watch over Ryan Newman and heal him. Great driver and person

  13. David Motyka

    David MotykaMaand geleden

    Who was at fault for the crash?

  14. Scott Holbert

    Scott HolbertMaand geleden

    Nascar was , with the rules package they make them run!


    MARK LANEMaand geleden

    Had a heart attack and drove my motorcycle to that hospital. They put me in cardio intensive care . Then said they should be putting me in the funny farm for driving there during a heart attack...🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Jeff McDuffie

    Jeff McDuffieMaand geleden

    Serious can mean brain damage, paralysed, various bones broken or in a coma.

  17. Roland Tinker

    Roland TinkerMaand geleden

    Nobodys gonna say anything the push that caused the accident or is it legal just wondering

  18. Scott Holbert

    Scott HolbertMaand geleden

    Legal, just what Nascar wants to happen for ratings and income

  19. M0HAWK HMS

    M0HAWK HMSMaand geleden

    What happened ? Can some one share please ? I was out of the country

  20. William Fredericks

    William FredericksMaand geleden

    Praying for the Newman family. God bless

  21. Prissy Lu

    Prissy LuMaand geleden

    Our prayers for one another are never to be taken as substitutes for other ways God heal us, such as through proper medical attention. Lord, look upon Newman with eyes of mercy, may your healing hand🤲rest upon him, may your life giving powers flow into every cell of his body and into the depths of his soul, cleansing, purifying, restoring him to wholeness and strength for service in your Kingdom. In Jesus Name We Pray. Amen. 🙏

  22. Raul Gutierrez

    Raul GutierrezMaand geleden

    they should adjust the rules in NASCAR that allows you to touch and even push someones bumper as a tactical play to get an advantage over the one infront of you. Seems very street rules vs actual professional race car driving. Anywhere else and they penalize you hard in mortorsport such as GT racing. But in nascar for w.e reason its ok to spin out someone. BS driving. He would have definitely won had he not been touched on purpose like that

  23. Scott Holbert

    Scott HolbertMaand geleden

    Wasn't on purpose or intentional, have you any clue what air does at 200 mph ?

  24. Mr Pitter

    Mr PitterMaand geleden

    Why does this channel suck so bad?

  25. Timothy Decker

    Timothy DeckerMaand geleden

    Thought and prayers for a full recovery 🙏

  26. Zarah McIntosh

    Zarah McIntoshMaand geleden

    Looking forward to his full recovery!

  27. Gus Thomas

    Gus ThomasMaand geleden

    That's the worst news report I've ever seen. Prayers for Ryan

  28. jp cia

    jp ciaMaand geleden

    The money and fame is worth almost killing another human.....may the race go on!

  29. Redz Water

    Redz WaterMaand geleden

    Ryan! and his family!... We all know how upsetting ANY injury can be in any sport. And watching that crash over and over was just breathtaking. The safety is Nascar is outstanding! Ryan We as Nascar fans wish you a very speedy recovery. Your a role model to so many! Heal up so we can see you watch you kick ass on the track again! We will miss you till your back! Good luck to you and your family in a time like this! We will miss you till your back!

  30. hyperactive216

    hyperactive216Maand geleden

    I think Cory hooted and hollard all night. He looks ready for round 2 😂

  31. Kurt Barlow

    Kurt BarlowMaand geleden

    Driving in a circle is not a sport. The only reason anyone watches NASCAR is the hope of seeing a terrible accident. Drivers are not athletes.

  32. LJAg1

    LJAg1Maand geleden

    If you don't have anything nice to say...don't say anything at all. A lesson you should have been taught as a youngster

  33. Shelley Garman

    Shelley GarmanMaand geleden

    Denny Hamlin caused that wreck!by blocking !he won't talk about it or take any responsibility for it!😣😣😣

  34. Scott Holbert

    Scott HolbertMaand geleden

    @Elle and they are not held at gunpoint to get into the cars

  35. North American Railfan

    North American RailfanMaand geleden

    Denny Hamlin didn't cause the wreck he wasn't even close just the result of trying to block and win

  36. Elle

    ElleMaand geleden

    Blocking is one thing and pushing is another. This sport is dangerous!

  37. Vin Commons

    Vin CommonsMaand geleden

    They designed the crash to help out NASCAR ratings.

  38. reality check

    reality checkMaand geleden

    Oh no, such an important person in human history.....he drives a car around in circles !! Hahahahahaha NASCAR can go blow, useless garbage.

  39. Larry Kaufman

    Larry KaufmanMaand geleden

    Prayers for his complete recovery!

  40. Jack Lincoln

    Jack LincolnMaand geleden

    Had the race ended Sunday. Things would have been different

  41. good private citizen with good intentions

    good private citizen with good intentionsMaand geleden

    Ryan Newman is a good race car driver higly respected in the sport, prayers for you and your family,quick recovery God is with you

  42. Michael Hosdo

    Michael HosdoMaand geleden

    thank the Lord, that looked very bad.

  43. Glenn Silvetti

    Glenn SilvettiMaand geleden

    He just gained about another two million fans, worst accident I’ve ever seen on nascar since I’ve been watching

  44. thegrandfinale2

    thegrandfinale2Maand geleden

    There are old pilots and there are bold pilots but there are no old bold pilots.

  45. Matthew Goodhart

    Matthew GoodhartMaand geleden

    What is that holographic tv thing they are always showing

  46. Mark Oliver

    Mark OliverMaand geleden

    37 rotton bastard democrats thumbs down .

  47. MAGA Supporter

    MAGA SupporterMaand geleden

    This ultra boring show stinks. All they do are 2 things: 1. Keep circling the field 2 Waiting for someone to die in fire.

  48. MAGA Supporter

    MAGA SupporterMaand geleden

    Then just fold your wrinkles when you can not take the truth. Cut some holes to your beautiful wrinkles so you can sip your own piss when feeling the thirst to argue.

  49. MAGA Supporter

    MAGA SupporterMaand geleden

    If you can not take the truth, go fold your face.

  50. Wesley Hall

    Wesley HallMaand geleden

    Prayers for Ryan Newman and his family.

  51. Lisa B.

    Lisa B.Maand geleden

    Prayers for Ryan Newman and family.

  52. Jeff Osborne

    Jeff OsborneMaand geleden

    God please be with Newman and his family thru this time.

  53. redhytech

    redhytechMaand geleden

    Who cares? Nascar died with Dale Senior.

  54. D Keith Hoover

    D Keith HooverMaand geleden

    What a catastrophe the news crew is. Is this CNN???


    PRIME MOVERMaand geleden

    Thoughts and Prayers for Mr. Newman and his family for a full recovery following the unfortunate crash at the Daytona 500. **Also, nothing is better than witnessing the way “sausage is made” during LIVE Broadcasts where nothing is planned, polished and complete, without the aid of a video editor!”

  56. Annette Kaiser

    Annette KaiserMaand geleden

    Sounds like it was done on purpose!

  57. Scott Holbert

    Scott HolbertMaand geleden

    Yep Blaney and Hamlin were trying to kill him 🙄

  58. Love AndLight

    Love AndLightMaand geleden

    Next time you report some one in hospital say his name not he " is in the hospitol .. He a fighter he will make it ..❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏

  59. Kim Nguyen

    Kim NguyenMaand geleden

    Please,God bless all of race car peoples,God save Ryan please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  60. Keith Mcmorrow

    Keith McmorrowMaand geleden

    Many prayers to Ryan and family !! One of Nascars true veteran heroes .

  61. Eric Brucker

    Eric BruckerMaand geleden

    The producer for this piece needs to have a stern talking to.

  62. Jamilla Ananua

    Jamilla AnanuaMaand geleden

    They dropped the ball on this one


    JUDY MORENOMaand geleden

    We pray for him and his family in Jesus Name Amen🙏🇺🇸

  64. Melody Jordan

    Melody JordanMaand geleden

    All my prayer for this young man, Ryan Newman . My heart stopped when I saw this accident. God heal him and bring him good health.

  65. Edwin Bell

    Edwin BellMaand geleden

    Hopefully a Quick Recovery Ryan Newman! 🗽🇺🇸😇👍

  66. Scott Foor

    Scott FoorMaand geleden

    Get well soon mr Newman

  67. John Days

    John DaysMaand geleden

    This makes no damn sense, a bouch of cry babies crying and praying for a stupid fool, he knew the risks.

  68. Paul Brasier

    Paul BrasierMaand geleden

    "I was concerned about the racer...can you wait a minute for my brother to film me."

  69. James Ford

    James FordMaand geleden


  70. Aaron Son

    Aaron SonMaand geleden

    Glad he's ok.... God Bless

  71. James Ford

    James FordMaand geleden


  72. ALOE Eman

    ALOE EmanMaand geleden

    BELIEVE on ye sple or be lost

  73. Steve K

    Steve KMaand geleden

    Spell your first name.????

  74. Carletta Edwards

    Carletta EdwardsMaand geleden

    Prayers for healing and a speedy recovery in Jesus name amen & Amen

  75. Daniel Benson

    Daniel BensonMaand geleden

    Miss Carletta, Amen! In Jesus name alone. We, HIS Born Again, Blood Bought Children, are praying and believing exactly as HE promises us in Matthew 18:19-20. wado,Ann Benson.

  76. jerry sanders

    jerry sandersMaand geleden

    Looks like 25 hateful sick democrats downvoted this news. I hope all those hateful leftists all wind up in a tragedy soon. PRAYERS and thoughts for Ryan🙏🏁🇺🇸

  77. Steve K

    Steve KMaand geleden

    No, it was the stupid reporter that got the thumbs down.

  78. C P

    C PMaand geleden

    As bad a wreck I’ve seen

  79. Christopher Simon

    Christopher SimonMaand geleden

    Nascar is such a retarded "sport" to begin with. So very dumb. They aren't athletes, that's like trying to say the jockey in horse racing is the athlete. The CAR is the athlete. I can't believe this garbage is still popular at all. Nothing like getting drunk and watching 2,000 left turns while the announcers repeatedly tell us exactly what we're already looking at

  80. Frank Wall

    Frank WallMaand geleden



    IMA-GOOD-GUYMaand geleden

    Did they think he couldn't spell his name? He doesn't look like he can... Lol

  82. Howie Felterbush

    Howie FelterbushMaand geleden

    Enjoy your two man circle jerk,you ignorant fucks.


    IMA-GOOD-GUYMaand geleden

    @Steve K no man that's just hillbilly... Lol

  84. Steve K

    Steve KMaand geleden

    He looks drunk.

  85. Bruno Seixas

    Bruno SeixasMaand geleden

    All the bet to Newman Fox News are ssssssooooooo professional hahahaha

  86. Harry Mills

    Harry MillsMaand geleden

    It's a local affiliate, Channel 35.

  87. Jeffrey Lebowski

    Jeffrey LebowskiMaand geleden

    Waiting for the spin on how this too is Trump's fault. Prayers for Ryan and the Newman family.

  88. fastguitar

    fastguitarMaand geleden

    Corey is so bummed ,,I was so worried, I was crying, I high fived a had shots

  89. fastguitar

    fastguitarMaand geleden

    @hyperactive216 I made it up ,this guy came on acting he knew driver etc

  90. hyperactive216

    hyperactive216Maand geleden

    fastguitar just before you wrote this? 😂

  91. Triton LV

    Triton LVMaand geleden

    So scary. It was like going through another Dale accident..good bless you and your family..



    Thank You

  93. Heather M.

    Heather M.Maand geleden

    I watched the race and it was scary. Bunch of cars badly damaged and drivers in medical vehicles. I didn’t see the end but still have it recorded so didn’t know he was seriously injured. My heart goes out to Newman and his family. Hope he recovers soon. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  94. kyle smile

    kyle smileMaand geleden

    Praying for Ryan Newman and his family may he have a quick recovery!

  95. Mark Oliver

    Mark OliverMaand geleden

    He really wanted to win so he could pay off that slut wife of his, that is divorcing him.

  96. rafe one

    rafe oneMaand geleden

    Let us all prey for Ryan to be ok

  97. kdmigloo

    kdmiglooMaand geleden

    Great report, pull some drunk walking thru the lot and tells you everything he knows. Top shelf journalism.

  98. Kevin Dickerson

    Kevin DickersonMaand geleden

    At the end of the day we all have our favorite drivers.but you never won't to see this my thoughts and prayers are with newman and his family

  99. Samcoop88

    Samcoop88Maand geleden

    I didn't even see the wreck happen live, I was focusing on Hamlin and Blaney racing to the line, but when I saw the replay I felt sick to my stomach.

  100. Simon Rodgers

    Simon RodgersMaand geleden

    This is car crash TV... No pun intended!

  101. Matt

    MattMaand geleden

    Get out the way!!! I'm tryin' to win this damn thang!

  102. lois mccann

    lois mccannMaand geleden

    Didn't he just announce a divorce 4 days ago? Senses going off grid!