Amazing Modern Chicks Poultry Farming Technology, Breeding Methods Save for Farm Thousands Dollar

Amazing Modern Chicks Poultry Farming Technology, Breeding Methods Save for Farm Thousands Dollar
1. Self-Propelled Feed Pusher
2. Poultry Production
3. Kinnard Family Producing High-Quality Milk
4. Gamber Poultry Cleaning
Track: Rolipso - Dawning
Track: JOA & Mabeha - Skyward

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  1. BR_ green

    BR_ green3 uur geleden

    Your lucky

  2. Taylor

    Taylor3 uur geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="223">3:43</a> that's crazy they just hop on like a escalator

  3. John Hindes

    John Hindes3 uur geleden

    Disgusting disturbing mechanised murder the next pandemic is on its way

  4. Riza Eja

    Riza Eja6 uur geleden

    I am indonesian

  5. Alex bdn

    Alex bdn6 uur geleden

    Esta mierda de amazing no tiene nada, asesinos

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  7. Lorna Kelly

    Lorna Kelly7 uur geleden

    Jesus this is awful, the poor animals

  8. Mihaela Urdea

    Mihaela Urdea10 uur geleden

    Disgusting and pathetic

  9. Iguana Skin

    Iguana Skin10 uur geleden

    I don't see anything wrong with this video, it's just how the farmers handle their livestock, in a safe and humane way.

  10. Lea Nahary

    Lea Nahary11 uur geleden

    It makes me very sad to watch human exploitation of animals. They are raised efficiently to be killed efficiently. Devoid of any right to live peacefully out in the open. Their lives have no value other than monetary. Very sad.

  11. bright light

    bright light12 uur geleden

    Imagine eating a chicken nugget but it's a whole baby chicken nugget

  12. Jabbar Ibrahim

    Jabbar Ibrahim12 uur geleden

    Waw 😀😀😀😀

  13. Mark Jayson Bercasio

    Mark Jayson Bercasio14 uur geleden

    Hmmm what happened to the soil (or is it sand??? ) after harvesting those poultries? 😐 (another quarantine youtube recommendation)

  14. Victor Cruz

    Victor Cruz17 uur geleden

    The disinfecting part was so satisfying. After the breeding is done, blowing all the dirt off everything, scooping up and disposing of used dirt, hosing it all down and disinfecting the entire facility from back to entrance. All the angry people commenting are all vegan! 😂 I raised animals for slaughter and grew attached to them and I still eat meat, vegan friends can't convert me. This isn't a slaughterhouse, but those chickens are headed to one!

  15. Facepalm

    Facepalm20 uur geleden

    So what do you do for work? I'm a nipple fluffer👏

  16. Chiraag R T

    Chiraag R TDag geleden

    See how cruel humans are just think!!!! Be vegan🥦🥦🥦🥔🌰🥕🌽🌽

  17. StayHomeAndDoNOTHING

    StayHomeAndDoNOTHING5 uur geleden

    But if vegan then can’t have sex with cow then I’m pussy?

  18. Silver0Tree

    Silver0TreeDag geleden

    Well, I guess I'm a vegan now

  19. Babysista

    BabysistaDag geleden

    Some of y’all are complaining about this farm and their techniques but truth be told this is what they have to do to prevent the spread of diseases. If there is an outbreak, the farm would have to shut down and throw away tons of food, loose revenue and possibly growth of a business. At least from here it looks like they are doing their part in caring for growing animals that eventually lead to food but hey guess what it is what it is!!! 🤷🏽‍♀️

  20. Yomari Dejesuyyghghhy6555yyuu77kujjghmķ .s

    Yomari Dejesuyyghghhy6555yyuu77kujjghmķ .sDag geleden

    Cómo los puedes tirar a sii 😠😠

  21. Sirupali ts

    Sirupali tsDag geleden

    Its really nice video for youths

  22. Gaya Samarasinghe

    Gaya SamarasingheDag geleden

    All are " HAPPY COW " , " HAPPY CHICKEN " , is a big lie . No male calf or chicks killing scenes . Nice work but now people are more educated and compassionate.

  23. gouri shankar mishra

    gouri shankar mishraDag geleden

    Treating animals like products...sick !

  24. Ja Ka

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  25. Dilina Sandika

    Dilina SandikaDag geleden

    Yeah how this is amazing

  26. Humblehombre

    HumblehombreDag geleden

    Instead of the monotonous puking "musick", it would be nice to know what is going on by human narration.


    CRIPPLEDag geleden

    love this type of videos

  28. Paul Williams

    Paul WilliamsDag geleden

    How is (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="525">8:45</a>) and on any different to the outside world and it COVID OCD

  29. りんりん

    りんりんDag geleden

    American meal 'material is dangers

  30. りんりん

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  33. AngelusBarney

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    Your heart just pumps blood.

  34. Atin Hartini

    Atin HartiniDag geleden

    wooww amzing

  35. Minjoon For Life

    Minjoon For LifeDag geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="109">1:49</a> why so rough? Can’t you at least drop them softly? Edit: oh come on! The chicken and the cows need more space then that! And that milk is suppose to be for their child! My goodness

  36. Herta Schneider

    Herta SchneiderDag geleden

    They don’t care if it makes them money. They also throw them in the rubbish if the wrong gender and do undescribably bad things... that’s the least bad parts...

  37. adrian coelho

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  38. OG Steve

    OG SteveDag geleden

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="264">4:24</a> looks like anal beads! Nothing against that w.e makes the best milk right ;p

  39. Jaiden Saipoden

    Jaiden SaipodenDag geleden

    Daga ubusin mo silang lahat

  40. Saggy Snek

    Saggy SnekDag geleden

    lmao can't wait to catch some snowflake vegans

  41. Ẩm Thực Quê Tôi

    Ẩm Thực Quê TôiDag geleden

    Nông trại tất đẹp mình mới thấy luôn đó

  42. Gowtham Gowtham

    Gowtham GowthamDag geleden

    This is not amazing these are opposite nature.. Normally a chick to grow up to nearly 12 weeks... But now injected to chick so chicks were faster will healthy for people whose ate this chicks.

  43. Robert P

    Robert PDag geleden

    OK so am I missing the part that the FUCKING THUMBNAIL SHOWS?

  44. Mina Hr.

    Mina Hr.Dag geleden

    I find it really entertaining to go through the comments and see people that don't get what the video is about get upset. This shows the technological improvement in these types of facilities. Those animals are getting the best care they can get, this is the way these animals should be taken cared of in this industry not the truly cruel way some of the old and unregulated farms do it.

  45. Max Maier

    Max Maier6 uur geleden

    @Mina Hr. pampered?

  46. Mina Hr.

    Mina Hr.23 uur geleden

    @Max Maier At the state the world is in, yeah i would, at least i would get pampered before eaten and i won't deal with dumb people😁

  47. Max Maier

    Max MaierDag geleden

    Do you want to change with one of these animals? I don't think so.

  48. a b

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  49. Kenny Mathenge Jr

    Kenny Mathenge Jr2 dagen geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="108">1:48</a> i spit my drink. Holy sht

  50. Spoot-erman

    Spoot-erman15 uur geleden

    The vid is slightly sped up its not that bad

  51. Janos Borsos

    Janos Borsos2 dagen geleden

    I wish i had a farm

  52. Balasa Iustin

    Balasa Iustin2 dagen geleden

    They throw them like potatoes.. I kinda feel bad for the poor animals..

  53. Chihiro Stargazer

    Chihiro Stargazer2 dagen geleden

    Looks like a horror movie and they are playing this upbeat music which makes it even more disturbing. These animals should be outside running around in the grass.

  54. Bit 01

    Bit 012 dagen geleden

    Amazing modern technology like a leaf blower and a shovel. Wow, so amazing.

  55. Samira Johnson

    Samira JohnsonUur geleden

    @Bit 01 oh really? I actually saved 4 of "those sort of chickens" and they are still alive...oops and seems like your brother's aren't the only ones who had chickens..when you grow up on a farm with nature you get to know the true nature of animals and that is awesome and beautiful. Sorry you never were able to make that experience...yet....

  56. Bit 01

    Bit 0119 uur geleden

    I knew someone would go for that angle, but I didn't bother looking for it. My brothers had chickens for a while, just for eggs. They accidentally had two of these kinds of chickens sent in a batch they ordered. We found out that these kind are modified so they grow as fast as possible, but they don't stop growing. They grow until they literally split open and die if not harvested at the right time. They can't live out their lives naturally. If not for their usefulness as food, they would never exist at all. And yes, they're very tasty.

  57. Samira Johnson

    Samira Johnson22 uur geleden

    Yeah right? Makes you wanna be one of those animals right? Hey imagine being a chicken in your next life..wouldn't that be awesome? Stuck in that place all your life? No sun. No grass or anything natural. And then being killed for ppl like you to be eaten. How about it? Or a cow maybe?

  58. Audrey DeMore

    Audrey DeMore2 dagen geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="23">0:23</a> the cow just pushed the feed back out😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  59. Honey_kat Productions

    Honey_kat Productions2 dagen geleden

    Ever wonder how they get there? What if they get taken away from there mom/dad ;^;

  60. Saggy Snek

    Saggy SnekDag geleden

    they were born there..

  61. the terminator

    the terminator2 dagen geleden

    And now the whole market is fucked up by corona bcuz of china

  62. Rainbow Land Arts and crafts

    Rainbow Land Arts and crafts2 dagen geleden

    This is what quarantine got me watching....

  63. 시인의 뜨락

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  64. Brad Philip Swain

    Brad Philip Swain2 dagen geleden

    Why don't you show the grafters that are hand balling and catching at minimum between 4 men 45k-60k a night... that's my job and it's as tough as they come. #moypark #chickencatching

  65. Baba Ganoush

    Baba Ganoush2 dagen geleden

    Each one of these animals has a sole. For some reason we justify in our heads it's ok to treat them like this. You wouldn't let your pets get treated like this. Why I became a vegetarian. Its cruel.

  66. AngelusBarney

    AngelusBarney2 uur geleden

    Maybe the cows, but I don't know about chickens. I don't even know about some peoples.

  67. dragonflycat

    dragonflycat19 uur geleden

    Do you mean soul?

  68. a b

    a bDag geleden

    they taste good tho

  69. Fluffy Cloud

    Fluffy Cloud2 dagen geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="227">3:47</a> you can see how slim and sick those cows are...disgusting humans

  70. AP Shubham

    AP Shubham14 uur geleden

    Saying something shit that you don't know about makes you look like a stupid

  71. TOCKface

    TOCKfaceDag geleden

    Theyre actually not as slim s u think. Cows easily become overweight and we just think of it as a normal cow. It normal to see cows hips bones att some of their ribs //dairy farmer

  72. trisha mendoza

    trisha mendoza2 dagen geleden

    Sad how calves are being taken away from their mom right after birth just so we can enjoy our milk 😔

  73. StayHomeAndDoNOTHING

    StayHomeAndDoNOTHING5 uur geleden

    I was taken away from my mom at birth too, all so the whole neighborhood could get a taste of my moms bomb ass titties. So I feel their pain.

  74. Terra

    Terra19 uur geleden

    It's called the food chain bud that's how nature works

  75. Combat_Quokka

    Combat_QuokkaDag geleden

    do u no how farms work an not that bs that peter trays to feed you

  76. ELNS

    ELNS2 dagen geleden

    Who came to the comments just to laugh at angry vegans?

  77. Samira Johnson

    Samira Johnson22 uur geleden

    You don't have to be a vegan to see that theses animals are not being kept naturally....idiot

  78. ZombsBro

    ZombsBro23 uur geleden

    LOL. I like to argue for everyone.

  79. TheSquidWin

    TheSquidWin2 dagen geleden

    I would steal one of the chicks for myself, and have it as a pet.

  80. Loser play3

    Loser play3Uur geleden

    @Herta Schneider i think ima cook me some eggs amd eat them

  81. a b

    a bDag geleden

    @Herta Schneider doch mann hatte erst heute rührei

  82. TheSquidWin

    TheSquidWinDag geleden


  83. Herta Schneider

    Herta SchneiderDag geleden

    Her/him you mean and feel free to adopt from a rescue! And don’t eat the eggs (:

  84. Lalnunthara Biate

    Lalnunthara Biate2 dagen geleden


  85. Rock Stare

    Rock Stare2 dagen geleden

    Phele khud hi badate he or fir khud hi marte or bolte he ki zada hojye ge to...😑😑


    THY SHADOW2 dagen geleden

    much better video to 10000 times better video it is....

  87. Siena Valenta

    Siena Valenta2 dagen geleden

    Getting ready for chicks: Chicks brought in tiny boxes and dumped out onto the floor like it's a bunch of toys, not living, breathing creatures, then they are put into giant machines. They get bigger, and can't even take a few steps it's so crowded, and they are all pooping on top of each other. Oh, and did I mention the poor chickens are genetically modified? The humans make their breasts bigger just so they can eat them making it really hard for the chickens to walk without falling over. Later, the humans keep the lights on both day and night, so the chickens will always think it's day and make more eggs. Then they're stuffed into tiny boxes and put back into trucks so that they can be sold to people who are going to murder them. Getting ready for cows: Ripped away from their mothers and brought to a place where it's so crowded they can't move. They never get to go outside and graze like normal healthy cows, instead they have to eat corn, which is really unhealthy for them and makes them fat, after a machine feeds it to them through metal bars. See guys, this is why I'm vegetarian. If our ancestors could see this they would be very disappointed. All people care about nowadays is money. You could still make plenty even if you didn't pretend like these animals lives are worth nothing and call it amazing. This animal cruelty needs to stop NOW!

  88. Joe

    Joe2 dagen geleden

    Stay inside Karen. .

  89. Nicolas L

    Nicolas L2 dagen geleden

    Bunch of perverts

  90. Vivien Piecek

    Vivien Piecek3 dagen geleden

    Amazing?! Torturing animals and kill them like they were nothing is amazing?! WHAT THE FUCK

  91. Nepit the horse

    Nepit the horse3 dagen geleden

    There poor cow hat fucking whip/burn marks on their but 🤬 wtf is wrong with this world😭😖😤

  92. manish shukla

    manish shukla3 dagen geleden

    Yuckkk!!! Those who raise chicken and cattle for their consumption, their babies should be subjected to similar treatment too

  93. Yzb. CutMe Orses

    Yzb. CutMe Orses3 dagen geleden

    God... this is a very scary video. I mean it... poor animals

  94. Ardelle Levy

    Ardelle Levy3 dagen geleden

    This video manipulates people to see only the good or supposedly cool machines. Don’t be blind everyone there are far more to this. As in more cruelty behind the scenes. My husband and have seen animals being abused before turning them into food for us and because all these poor souls had been abused and not in their natural habitat we decided to become vegetarian heading toward vegan and so are our kids. Did you know theses baby calves , once born they take them from their mother and never to be seen again. They chain this babies in small tight areas so they don’t have room to walk while they cry for their mothers. They do this so that the veil meat is very soft. Very sad! You don’t need to eat meat to be healthy . There are so many plant based food that are really benifit to our bodies and your rarely get sick. All the pain and suffering we have in our lives are caused by the pain and the suffering of the animals before they die. We consume that bad energy to our bodies once we put them in our mouths. There is no such thing as clean meat. So if you want to have a happy life... don’t eat meat!!! Here’s a documentary videos to watch the truth!

  95. Siena Valenta

    Siena Valenta2 dagen geleden

    Ikr, same here. This is why I'm vegetarian. This animal cruelty needs to stop.

  96. The YT

    The YT3 dagen geleden

    Factory farms need to be abolished. Support the farmers who care what you eat. An animal that lives it's life with no sunshine or room to be free, or in this case bugs or fresh green grass to eat--IS NOT NOURISHING to the human body. DON"T eat meat from these farms .

  97. pumpkin boi

    pumpkin boiDag geleden

    @Gaya Samarasinghe damm im reading this while eating steak lol

  98. Gaya Samarasinghe

    Gaya SamarasingheDag geleden

    Don't eat meat , it's CRUELTY .

  99. pumpkin boi

    pumpkin boiDag geleden

    We would not have enough food to feed everyone if that was the case as humanity gets bigger the more land we use for housing so we have to make factory farms to make the process be more efficient and use less space regular farms would only work in a smaller population although it would be good to regulate them these factories are a necessary evil

  100. Dennis Brown

    Dennis Brown3 dagen geleden

    Murderers 😡🤬

  101. Arvind kumar

    Arvind kumar3 dagen geleden

    U ppl sd go to day u ppl will also be killed like this only..

  102. Marcus Wilson

    Marcus Wilson3 dagen geleden

    Amazing ways to love watch what wr eat

  103. Mr. organic Hulk

    Mr. organic Hulk3 dagen geleden

    Bro feel bad ..... poor animals they got family’s ...... shit so fucked up ...

  104. Its JUST Kara

    Its JUST Kara3 dagen geleden

    It's awful looking at it, it looks so inhumane when its presentation is showing normality and harmless when if fact theses poor animals will never see green grass or the sun, being bread to die is a very sad reality but.... everyone that says it's awful has to realise this is the consumption rate of the top of the food chain (humans) Why complain about it then order a big mac lol This is humanity at its finest.

  105. pumpkin boi

    pumpkin boiDag geleden

    Nature is not Humane in nature calf are also separated from their mother and ripped apart while still humans are at the top of the food chain and just like other animals we take advantage of animals for nutrition

  106. ProductionsHarbor

    ProductionsHarbor3 dagen geleden

    Over half the people disliking probably still eat meat...

  107. 1k subs without a video

    1k subs without a video15 uur geleden

    At least they must eat healthy meat, not every meat is unhealthy dummie

  108. carlos belo

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  109. Shivam Agarwal

    Shivam Agarwal3 dagen geleden

    Howw ignorant you are, let me eat you

  110. water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    water wonders Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ3 dagen geleden

    It seems animals treated more like disposable products.. not even able to be in the sun , feel fresh grass on their feet or even be outside

  111. Herta Schneider

    Herta SchneiderDag geleden

    It seems? That’s the least bad part... the rest is more and more horrifying and horrific and horrible for all

  112. Dhana Diaz

    Dhana Diaz3 dagen geleden

    Aww look at them living nuggets🥰

  113. Herta Schneider

    Herta SchneiderDag geleden

    Not for long, they’re thrown away alive if the wrong gender and horribly slaughtered in front of the rest of them, and that’s the least bad part 💔

  114. майя

    майя3 dagen geleden

    *_Круто, всё отлажено, всё понятно, приятно смотреть такую на работу._* _Cool, everything is debugged, everything is clear, it's nice to look at such a job._

  115. Osiris

    Osiris3 dagen geleden

    Wow. An amazing level of cleaning. Don’t want any viruses spreading around. So labor-intensive.

  116. Dominus Salt

    Dominus Salt19 uur geleden

    Herta Schneider the heart does nothing but pump blood, don’t act like we use it for affection. also, this is how life will continue for hundreds of years, so you should adapt to it. its not cruel, its life.

  117. Herta Schneider

    Herta SchneiderDag geleden

    You need to inform yourself... there’s nothing clean in any sense of the word about this unspeakably horrific stuff... and undescribably bad for all and the planet... and yes, animal products cause countless diseases, among many other things. Use your heart and brain (:

  118. Jackie Raulerson

    Jackie Raulerson3 dagen geleden

    God awful