All NASCAR Crashes from the 2020 Daytona 500

I did not include the Newman crash initially because there was no update on his condition. You can watch the crash here:

All NASCAR Crashes from 2020 Daytona 500


  1. nascarfan4888JJ

    nascarfan4888JJMaand geleden

    Initially, I did not want to upload the Newman Crash. After finding out that he is okay, I have uploaded the wreck. Thanks for understanding. you can see it here:

  2. rgtrooper13

    rgtrooper13Maand geleden

    I don't understand. I call that censorship and it's un-American.

  3. Will

    WillMaand geleden

  4. Kyle Botala

    Kyle BotalaMaand geleden

    nascarfan4888JJ no to say all crashes and leave his out and make another video your money grabbing yeah I understand I’ll pray for you. Wow

  5. John Stark

    John StarkMaand geleden

    I was at IRP when Ryan was still a kid and he crashed and skidded upside down almost hitting a camera stand. I remember his mother saying "if that happens again he isn't racing anymore".

  6. Joseph Meyer

    Joseph MeyerMaand geleden

    I think that showed a great deal of respect and taste.



    🔥 🏁🏁🏁best race ever🏎️🏎️🏎️ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="52">0:52</a> 💜💓💕 👇👇👇👇👇💗

  8. Matthew Porrini

    Matthew Porrini7 dagen geleden

    I was at this race

  9. News Now Tammy Lynn Lynn

    News Now Tammy Lynn Lynn10 dagen geleden

    its not the great american race any more

  10. WSPundivided

    WSPundivided14 dagen geleden

  11. WSPundivided

    WSPundivided14 dagen geleden

    barstool sports and NASCAR

  12. Uke Kid

    Uke Kid23 dagen geleden

    How does Martin Truex Jr's problem on pit road count as a crash?

  13. Tristan Ellis Vlogs

    Tristan Ellis Vlogs24 dagen geleden

    Thank you for keeping out Newman’s wreck

  14. Zeombie

    ZeombieMaand geleden

    Where is Newman’s crash?

  15. the other one 818

    the other one 818Maand geleden

    Wait i though this was Daytona 500??? Not crash up derby day

  16. Felipe Oliveira

    Felipe OliveiraMaand geleden

    >NASCAR crash videos >Donald Trump at the beginning >Donald Trump crashed once

  17. Mean Bean Productions

    Mean Bean ProductionsMaand geleden

    I'm so out of the loop, when I saw #24 crash, I thought, "Oh no! Jeff!"

  18. Ty Quan Reynolds

    Ty Quan ReynoldsMaand geleden

    fuck this

  19. K Down

    K DownMaand geleden

    That was a Nice crash, Maybe one day they will learn. That when hitting each other at 200 MPH or so. You are probably going to crash. Stop bumping each other NASCAR, learn how to drive.

  20. Owen White

    Owen WhiteMaand geleden

    Newman just got released from the hospital, and he is walking with his children. Good for him!

  21. G.O. Productions

    G.O. ProductionsMaand geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="199">3:19</a> he does not sound at all surprised... He honestly kinda sound like he is wondering why Wecky Spinhouse Jr. is racing :P

  22. Will

    WillMaand geleden

    This is OK by racing rules? @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="436">7:16</a> see the sparks and the lighter colored vehicle on the right stagger, move suddenly to the right and continue after contact. I usually watch full contact downhill skiing, and the rules seem similar.

  23. TheAlbaboono

    TheAlbaboonoMaand geleden

    I'm french IS Trump destroyed nous cars !!!!

  24. I Gy

    I GyMaand geleden

    480p?really? PATHETIC

  25. Richard Hooks

    Richard HooksMaand geleden

    I think a lot of people don't realize the dangers of driving these cars. Many of the crashes looks like the car got away from the driver on the track which caused even more crashes. Ryan Newman took an especially hard crash and is lucky to be alive now. The safety measures used in these cars have undoubtedly saved a lot of drivers from an early death and serious injury.

  26. Casen Chandler

    Casen ChandlerMaand geleden

    I live 5 miles from where Quinn houf is from

  27. Martin Weier

    Martin WeierMaand geleden

    What happened to Gentleman's racing? Some embarrassing driver behaviour spoiling what is meant to be on of the greatest motor sports event in the world. Bathurst 500 still more fun

  28. Martin Weier

    Martin WeierMaand geleden

    There was the Annoying Orange at the start of this clip

  29. Devin Clifton

    Devin CliftonMaand geleden

    This year the #22 red&yellow car has wrecked more cars than an excavator at a scrap metal yard.

  30. Trevor Bingham

    Trevor BinghamMaand geleden

    You missed one. Don’t put “all” in the title if you’re not going to include all of them.

  31. Paul Janssen

    Paul JanssenMaand geleden

    Looks like the Daytona 500 needs to be renamed to demolition Derby I'm happy the one driver is doing well sad way to end a race no reason to endanger people's lives just to get across the finish line

  32. Brian Jennings

    Brian JenningsMaand geleden

    This isn't ALL the crashes! The main reason I watched was to see Newman's crash, which was the BIGGEST of the race! WTH

  33. Brian Jennings

    Brian JenningsMaand geleden

    Ahh, I see!

  34. Peter Lucke

    Peter LuckeMaand geleden

    After watching this video of the crashes I'm left pondering whether this is racing. All crashes caused by the guy behind making contact on the car in front - bumper to bumper or hitting on the rear quarter unsettling the car.. Nothing more than roller derby on 4 wheels at 200 mph. Thankfully Ryan is alive. The winner should be disqualified for making avoidable contact causing an accident. Time for some rule changes to lessen the chance that someone dies on the track. A basic premise of driving is when you hit someone from behind you are at fault. To the Newman family, I wish Ryan a full recovery and my thoughts are with you.

  35. Linda Foley

    Linda FoleyMaand geleden

    That guy was an idiot. I saw his moves on video & want to say that he got what he deserved. In me sang this I do hope that this driver learns from his mistakes going forward. I also want to say that I am so sorry for the seriousness of his condition.

  36. Spinningtriangles brap brap

    Spinningtriangles brap brapMaand geleden

    Man I am so happy that I was wrong. I have seen some bad crashes in Nascar but that one left me silent when I was watching it live. I prayed to God that he would be alive but everything I saw, including Jeff's face said Ryan was gone. Once again i am glad i was wrong

  37. The Big One

    The Big OneMaand geleden

    What injures does Newman have

  38. Roastum1 USA

    Roastum1 USAMaand geleden

    22 👎

  39. Stev Rex

    Stev RexMaand geleden

    Turn left! What? I said turn left? What? LOL. morons in cars turning left.

  40. Ronny Simon

    Ronny SimonMaand geleden

    Try praying to God before starting the engines next time.

  41. Frank Vacanti

    Frank VacantiMaand geleden

    The race was cursed by fat button dick Trump. Brought to you by Fox State TV

  42. Frank Vacanti

    Frank VacantiMaand geleden

    Fat button dick Trump cused the race. Brought to you by Fox state tv

  43. Sweetpotato Johnson

    Sweetpotato JohnsonMaand geleden

    Could you imagine if auto makers put 5% of the safety that these cars have in consumer automobiles? We'd be very safe.

  44. Thomas Harley

    Thomas HarleyMaand geleden

    AH's like Logano who cause wrecks with their "aggression" should be "delivered"

  45. Michelle Brim

    Michelle BrimMaand geleden

    I hate this video and Donald Trump. 18

  46. Markykku

    MarkykkuMaand geleden

    Can you a kyle Busch crash complimation?

  47. Tha ToneGuy

    Tha ToneGuyMaand geleden

    Chase Elliott also spun on the last lap I believe

  48. Doug Smith

    Doug SmithMaand geleden

    Pathetic. Where are they getting all these new no name guys from anyway? You want past, just run into the guy in front of you. When was the last time you heard after a race that the winner of the race said of the runner up guy? "he raced me clean." BB Modified, LM, 410 Sprints USAC Midgets all sliding around on hard packed clay and you rarely if ever do you see any of this senseless carnage or foolishness. And They still haven't figured out why NASCAR has been dieing off for all these years now. "Pavement Is For Getting To The Track".

  49. Joe Blow

    Joe BlowMaand geleden

    NASCAR races have become 200mph demo Derbies!

  50. Ayush Malpeddi

    Ayush MalpeddiMaand geleden

    Which crash was Newman’s

  51. Not Clickb8

    Not Clickb8Maand geleden

    Anybody else remember the 2nd to last wreck in the race? I wonder if that dude got any help

  52. LegoWormNoah101

    LegoWormNoah101Maand geleden

    Saw this race live!

  53. baby tuck the puppy

    baby tuck the puppyMaand geleden

    What I'm seeing is number 10 is causing the crashes

  54. Stephanie Rogers

    Stephanie RogersMaand geleden

    I know that you did not add Ryan Newman #6 but you could of added chase Elliott Ryan Newman 6 🙏🙏

  55. Jared Wilkerson

    Jared WilkersonMaand geleden

    And here u can see Chad Knaus's Crew Chief Me: What lol

  56. Max Dankowski

    Max DankowskiMaand geleden

    Trump crashing America head first into a wall was the worst crash of all

  57. Kman

    KmanMaand geleden

    Max...Your hatred for the man caused you to utter mere foolishness I see and and inaccurate statement SMH

  58. J.D’s Awesome Cars Collection!

    J.D’s Awesome Cars Collection!Maand geleden

    Meanwhile the comments are flooded with Ryan Newman in them...

  59. brockbusa21

    brockbusa21Maand geleden

    I started watching nascar in the early 80’s and quit when all the rule changes started. Either they have screwed up these cars or these new drivers suck because Dale,Davey,Bill,Ken,Kyle,Ernie,Jeff never ended A Daytona 500 with 8 cars in the field.

  60. Jeff Bailey

    Jeff BaileyMaand geleden

    This will never be a real race with no rules it's a durby race .

  61. Jeff Bailey

    Jeff BaileyMaand geleden

    Durby skills ...if you count on the side line to tell you how to drive inches apart theres going to be a death..

  62. Jeff Bailey

    Jeff BaileyMaand geleden

    You got to tell me if I'm going to hit that car.. get the hell out of there . You should not be driving my god.

  63. dude man

    dude manMaand geleden

    They used just put rain tires on ! an race ! Your commentary is sorry ! they got bumped and crashed , rubbing racing but what expect from drivers that sprinkle on windsheild call race off get driers on track! Nascar dead ! I called first !

  64. OldSlowGamer

    OldSlowGamerMaand geleden

    Usually you have to go to Orlando to find this much bad driving in one day.

  65. Chris Vines

    Chris VinesMaand geleden

    I came here to see crashes, but the beginning of the video almost made me throw up!

  66. James Higgins

    James HigginsMaand geleden

    Glad Newman is ok but did anyone else find it creepy the way the announcer said "stenhouse" all soft right after he wrecked?

  67. Pedro Delgado

    Pedro DelgadoMaand geleden

    Will Newman Be Replaced By Another Driver?

  68. Andrew Beaudoin

    Andrew BeaudoinMaand geleden

    Most likely I would say. And DH shall be replaced as well!

  69. woody Vallallellalunga

    woody VallallellalungaMaand geleden

    AI - Pro Aggression - Full

  70. zangardo

    zangardoMaand geleden

    I swear if I see another prayers for Ryan Newman post I'm going to snap. COME ON! this is the most dangerous sport even though they can't go faster than 200 because it's against rules.

  71. Vincent C

    Vincent CMaand geleden

    "Contact with Ricky Stenhouse" How many times is this phrase pronounced in each NASCAR season ???

  72. Harrington Benton

    Harrington BentonMaand geleden


  73. Tha ToneGuy

    Tha ToneGuyMaand geleden

    I want someone to make a compilation of stenhouse causing wrecks at restrictor plate tracks. I can think of at least 10.

  74. Cal McI

    Cal McIMaand geleden

    what's up with the bonnets ripping off ?

  75. Hey_ Joe

    Hey_ JoeMaand geleden

    I think i jinxed Byron. sorry bud. i predicted #8 or #24 would win the race before it started.

  76. A I Gaming

    A I GamingMaand geleden

    Call it was it is, the Daytona smash up derby.

  77. Mr. Rick

    Mr. RickMaand geleden

    Why does NASCAR let Stenhouse on the track?? All he does is wreck people and crash himself.

  78. 666

    666Maand geleden

    GOD BLESS YOU ❤️✝️🙏😇👽😈

  79. TLC C

    TLC CMaand geleden

    Too many cars in race. How many more crashes and deaths. Wasnt petty enough at daytona

  80. scott nyc

    scott nycMaand geleden

    Has anyone ever seen so many crazy wrecks towards the final laps of a race?

  81. Darren Grubaugh

    Darren GrubaughMaand geleden

    Ricky is horrible at plate tracks. He's gonna kill someone

  82. Atley Meow

    Atley MeowMaand geleden

    Man, that first crash almost lasted 4 years

  83. Will Drosche

    Will DroscheMaand geleden

    I was at work and Newman’s wreck and I was completely struck. Even though I could hardly understand what was happening seeing that crash was really intense and I am hoping he makes it out OK.

  84. Scott Carpenter

    Scott CarpenterMaand geleden

    2020 baby

  85. Mike Bruno

    Mike BrunoMaand geleden

    Shows class with what you did with the video, much appreciated.

  86. don bard

    don bardMaand geleden

    President draft dodger Bone spurs should have crashed and burned

  87. Mike Bruno

    Mike BrunoMaand geleden


  88. Tyler Wilson

    Tyler WilsonMaand geleden

    Respect for not putting up the Newman crash

  89. Adam Szczechowicz

    Adam SzczechowiczMaand geleden

    Trump being there was the worst wreck of it all. Fascist will be killed soon

  90. Deerslyr81

    Deerslyr81Maand geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="202">3:22</a> what the royal fuck is u with the creepy ass Stenhouse voice??!!!

  91. mike chavez

    mike chavezMaand geleden

    For Good Old Boys that can supposedly, Drive, they sure Crash a lot, just saying.