A Modern Farewell - Modern Family

It’s going to be tough to say goodbye. After 11 seasons, we say farewell to our #ModernFamily.
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  1. Wee_MT07_Biker

    Wee_MT07_Biker13 dagen geleden

    I'm so sad this is ending.

  2. Ameris M

    Ameris M17 dagen geleden

    Man so sad to see this show go😔

  3. blue red

    blue red27 dagen geleden

    That show sucks

  4. Selene Soto

    Selene Soto28 dagen geleden

    What am I going to do without Phil and Jay😭😭😭

  5. Faheem Ahmad

    Faheem Ahmad28 dagen geleden


  6. Sewuese Mngerem

    Sewuese Mngerem28 dagen geleden

    Family forever😢

  7. J

    J28 dagen geleden

    Never watched an episode. 🤷

  8. gameplayer502

    gameplayer50229 dagen geleden

    This is so fucken sad

  9. gameplayer502

    gameplayer50229 dagen geleden

    0:51 the rare times Gloria's kissed Jay on the show lol

  10. Jeca St0

    Jeca St029 dagen geleden

    oh i just cried

  11. Inthujan Kulasingam

    Inthujan Kulasingam29 dagen geleden

    Who came here After Sarah Hyland spoiled that Phill Father Die?

  12. Karen Lanphere

    Karen LanphereMaand geleden

    Everybody looks sooo old!!!

  13. aisen Lara

    aisen LaraMaand geleden

    im almost about cry

  14. cekim93

    cekim93Maand geleden

    I can't believe my favorite show is going to end 😢 i'll miss it so much

  15. Mimi Japar

    Mimi JaparMaand geleden

    I'm actually crying right now

  16. Stephan Clay

    Stephan ClayMaand geleden

    That was so hard to watch with crying 😭 😢. I love this show so much ❤️❤️

  17. Gary Kunsman

    Gary KunsmanMaand geleden

    One look at those kids in Season 1 and you know its time for the show to wrap up now. Its been a good ride.

  18. shubhangi singh

    shubhangi singhMaand geleden

    I love the shooowww sooooo much ! I am really going to miss it !

  19. RJ Ophe

    RJ OpheMaand geleden

    I love this show. Why are they ending it!!!!! 😣😣😣😣

  20. Jack Stewart

    Jack StewartMaand geleden

    If they kill off Jay or end à la Six Feet Under I will SCREAM!

  21. Maya Diamondstorm

    Maya DiamondstormMaand geleden

    2:15 «this has been the best ten years of my life» ❤️ I don’t know why this is so sad but it’s just the way he says it 🥺🥺

  22. Mike Goodolds

    Mike GoodoldsMaand geleden

    Looking to see Sofia, Sarah and Julie somewhere soon :|

  23. Daniela Raetta

    Daniela RaettaMaand geleden

    I got Chills Everywhere

  24. Livia Chow

    Livia ChowMaand geleden


  25. one2one video

    one2one videoMaand geleden

    I am gonna cry. So I didn't watch last season. I cannot say good bye to them.

  26. John Felip Biongan

    John Felip BionganMaand geleden

    What?! Noooooo. 🤧

  27. Sarah Zhang

    Sarah ZhangMaand geleden

    only this show can make me laugh and cry in less than 2 min

  28. Jonathan Heath

    Jonathan HeathMaand geleden

    What were they doing whateva it was looks like dad was winning

  29. IamShe

    IamSheMaand geleden

    I can't believe this is the end 😩 haven't invested in a tv show like this since desperate housewives! 💜

  30. Aubergine Bellen

    Aubergine BellenMaand geleden

    Ariel Winter is so beautiful. And now that she's 22 I'm not a pervert for finding her hot.

  31. *sips tea*

    *sips tea*Maand geleden

    im going to miss these Wednesdays

  32. *sips tea*

    *sips tea*Maand geleden

    NOOOO i have been watching this from day one i wanna cry

  33. Shae2Dae

    Shae2DaeMaand geleden

    I'm in no way a "cryer", but this clip touched me so hard. I've binged watched every season over and over. I feel like I'm losing a part of my family. I know we will see you all flourish your careers, but not to see all of you "together" like this anymore will truly be missed. I love you all and many blessings 💖

  34. matt k

    matt kMaand geleden

    I need a spin off with Mitchell and Cam

  35. w87g8765

    w87g8765Maand geleden

    I have been watching this from junior grade and now I graduated from university

  36. aayushma singh

    aayushma singhMaand geleden

    Gonna miss them a lot😔

  37. Pranavi Pariti

    Pranavi ParitiMaand geleden

    Nooooo this show is the besttt! Yes.... its going to be tough to say goodbye

  38. kavi mg

    kavi mgMaand geleden

    It shouldn't end . The show can keep going on

  39. inconsiderate, skip

    inconsiderate, skipMaand geleden

    this is so sad. i remember when i first started watching the show in middle school because we didn't have cable and i fell in love with it n wished i had a great big family like that. whenever i picture wednesday night i will always think of modern family:( not ready to see it go because i feel it will be like saying goodbye to my childhood

  40. Tucker Nichols

    Tucker NicholsMaand geleden

    this has got me through some tough times

  41. M Medina

    M MedinaMaand geleden

    Al Bundy is still the man!!!!!!

  42. Ricardo Lorenzo

    Ricardo LorenzoMaand geleden

    I was still in high school when the series started now I’m old 😭😭😭

  43. Thomas Michael

    Thomas MichaelMaand geleden

    This show was garbage. Glad its finally come to an end

  44. The TCrow

    The TCrowMaand geleden

    I was not into modern family at all when I saw ads about it. Thought it is a lame standard sitcom with boring jokes etc.. One day I was bored at home and watched some Netflix, watched the first episode of modern family. Will never regret that!

  45. Jonathan Johnson

    Jonathan JohnsonMaand geleden

    This show is racist who cares its ending

  46. kimchi Travel !

    kimchi Travel !Maand geleden

    Very sad to hear Good bye from them :(

  47. J K

    J KMaand geleden

    This made me cry...

  48. Tony Chan

    Tony ChanMaand geleden

    the end of the sitcom era

  49. Zar O

    Zar OMaand geleden

    Thank God this dumb show is over

  50. D C

    D CMaand geleden


  51. dustblowingman

    dustblowingmanMaand geleden

    And Always Sunny is still going strong 14+ seasons in

  52. Audrey Kang

    Audrey KangMaand geleden

    Only tv show I’ve watched for a long time constantly ❤️ Thank you!

  53. Rizuchan

    RizuchanMaand geleden

    Modern Family will forever be my most favorite comedy series.

  54. Victor Clemente

    Victor ClementeMaand geleden

    I just wish that this show would go on forever. Thank you for the memories modern family ❤

  55. Detective Chris Hansen

    Detective Chris HansenMaand geleden

    well I said goodbye to this show since like season 6 or 7. mid way through seasons 6 or 7 it just didn't seem funny anymore.

  56. Ulises Luna

    Ulises LunaMaand geleden

    Thank you modern family! You guys brought laughter every friday to my home!

  57. Katelyn Cueva

    Katelyn CuevaMaand geleden

    I'M CRYING AT 1:22 A.M.

  58. Teodor Without H

    Teodor Without HMaand geleden

    Modern family was my favourite show sad that its ending

  59. Chris R

    Chris RMaand geleden

    Thank God this sjw crap is over. This junk was cancer.

  60. Water Sheep

    Water SheepMaand geleden

    I literally grew up watching this show, i’m gonna miss this show such beautiful memories lol me and my sister used to laugh together watching this show, now she’s away but this show makes my stress away and it’s kinda my “comfort” edit: gosh the emotions i’m feeling right now