2020 NASCAR Cup Series Daytona 500 REACTION!!

- Another year and another insane Daytona 500. After the race was rain-delayed on Sunday it was moved to Monday. The race had all you could ask for with some crazy side by side 3 wide racing and huge crashes which we all knew it was a matter of time until they happened. We had a ton of fun doing these reactions and hope that you guys have fun watching them Thanks Again!!
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  1. Thomas Apple

    Thomas Apple18 dagen geleden

    Stenhouse: *attempts to block almirola* People: WHY DID YOU DUMP BYRON?

  2. Tiffany Wall

    Tiffany Wall20 dagen geleden

    (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="621">10:21</a>) Oh! He's still blowing up

  3. Helll Evean

    Helll Evean25 dagen geleden

    God huge wrecks Newman’s was the worse glad to see no life threatening injuries and out of the hospital

  4. Blue dude 360

    Blue dude 360Maand geleden

    #daytona500 at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1340">22:20</a>

  5. TheRandomCupcake !

    TheRandomCupcake !Maand geleden


  6. Tyler Hunkele

    Tyler HunkeleMaand geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="74">1:14</a> Ryan Newman

  7. Possessed Matteo

    Possessed MatteoMaand geleden

    I’m so sad Newman lost

  8. Porter Guttormsen

    Porter GuttormsenMaand geleden


  9. Tinkulous Prime

    Tinkulous PrimeMaand geleden

    Love y'alls commentary! Definitely subbing. Love hearing some guys who love racing and having a giggle with each other

  10. Aaron Canese

    Aaron CaneseMaand geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="941">15:41</a> I was at the race listening to Bowyer’s in car radio. At this point he starts cursing expletives NON STOP for the next 2 min.

  11. Cullen Smolcha

    Cullen SmolchaMaand geleden

    *Why did I just put myself through watching that accident again...*

  12. S.KullRandom

    S.KullRandomMaand geleden

    Newman could have been the next Earnhardt tragedy on that track, Blaney could have been the scapegoat like Marlin when people sent him death threats 19 years earlier, Hamlin as Waltrip winning, unaware of what happened behind him, the car that rammed Newman on the driver side would have been Schrader as he was unable to get out of the way in time, and some mustachioed guy announcing one of the darkest moments in NASCAR. But it didn't happen. It never did. Sure, people got salty, some out of respect for Newman's condition, but most out of spite or for likes, and him surviving a gruesome wreck is something that we might never know how it happened. Be it luck, miracle, or the post-Earnhardt improvements, we will never know. 2 races, 20 years and 1 day apart, with very different outcomes.

  13. BuschGuidoFan 1821

    BuschGuidoFan 1821Maand geleden

    Update he is absolutely ok

  14. Yung GooseJuice

    Yung GooseJuiceMaand geleden

    Me on the inside: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1103">18:23</a> Me watch the wreck go down: 😐

  15. Damian Arnold

    Damian ArnoldMaand geleden

    I really feel bad for Blaney and LaJoie but glad Newman is okay walking around and talking

  16. CJ Rowe

    CJ RoweMaand geleden

    Scott Riggs and Dale Earnhardt have both flipped from hitting the wall like that at Talladega, Ricky Craven too i believe

  17. Lightningdalejr88 fans

    Lightningdalejr88 fans24 dagen geleden

    Actually Ricky Rudd in 2000 in the same race....looked almost exactly alike

  18. S.KullRandom

    S.KullRandomMaand geleden

    While those cars can survive any impact, the drivers lack of safety devices at the time was questionable. It wasn't until the latter crashing in turn 4 at the same speedway 20 years ago did Nascar take it seriously

  19. Nikhil Ramphul

    Nikhil RamphulMaand geleden

    Yo u guys on cracked

  20. Andrew Gammon

    Andrew GammonMaand geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="320">5:20</a> Wrecky Spinhouse is at it again!

  21. Nathan Is Da Best

    Nathan Is Da BestMaand geleden

    Legit 2 laps before Stenhouse wrecked Byron I had said "come on Stenhouse, if u have to, wreck em all"

  22. Lebron _White

    Lebron _WhiteMaand geleden

    Lol logano sucks

  23. Holy shit, it's a talking muffin

    Holy shit, it's a talking muffinMaand geleden

    They ripped the entire left side of his car off to get him out.

  24. Nate Wines

    Nate WinesMaand geleden

    I'm surprised that Denny didn't try to slow down when Newman turned in front of him.

  25. Nate Wines

    Nate WinesMaand geleden

    The good thing is that the track is arched so the fuel wouldn't have went near the flame and that Newman is awake and talking.

  26. The Bomb Bombeto

    The Bomb BombetoMaand geleden

    Also my bad luck, I’ve been to two nascar races at Daytona the 2015 Coke Zero 400 and yesterday’s race

  27. jason

    jasonMaand geleden

    The Bomb Bombeto don’t go to a superspeedway race any more lmao

  28. The Bomb Bombeto

    The Bomb BombetoMaand geleden

    Being at the track we found out he was being transported to the hospital by Lahore’s comments over mrn

  29. Peyton Sayers

    Peyton SayersMaand geleden

    My and your reaction were exactly the same

  30. Nikhil H

    Nikhil HMaand geleden

    Lol@these soy boys screaming hahahahaah

  31. Carter Scheibel

    Carter ScheibelMaand geleden

    fuck Hamlin he didn’t even care about Newman he just kept doing burnouts while someone could be seriously injured or worse so FUCK HAMLIN FOR BEING AN ASSHOLE

  32. mark m

    mark mMaand geleden

    At least Newman didn't hit the catch fence

  33. S.KullRandom

    S.KullRandomMaand geleden

    Hasn't been one of those since Allison's near fatal crash in 1987 in Talladega, nearly killing himself and some spectators

  34. Nathaniel Murray

    Nathaniel MurrayMaand geleden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1098">18:18</a> I know this sounds horrible but I laughed a little but Newman’s alright this is the day after

  35. Aiden Nascar9

    Aiden Nascar9Maand geleden

    I’m really happy that Hamlin won. But I was so nervous when Newman got hit. I’m still worried if he can still race or if someone can replace him for the rest of the season. But I’m still praying if he can have a speedy recovery and come back and race. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  36. charlie baier

    charlie baierMaand geleden

    thank you guys for understanding that denny didn’t know what happened. a lot of other reactions bashed him for it. respect to you guys

  37. James Wormsley

    James WormsleyMaand geleden

    The madness that is the 2020 Daytona 500 is brought to by Pizza Hut 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  38. Caleb Snodgrass

    Caleb SnodgrassMaand geleden

    I'm so glad Newman is okay and I'm also so glad these reactions aren't getting taken down anymore

  39. JJ4824

    JJ4824Maand geleden

    Who is soy boy

  40. FreZio

    FreZioMaand geleden

    When blanket was on his bumper I thought he was gonna make it a side by side finish again like talladrga but instead it was worst

  41. Mr Boo Man

    Mr Boo ManMaand geleden

    I feel bad for Hamlin he won a huge race and couldn’t celebrate which is sad

  42. TheAksleepy

    TheAksleepyMaand geleden

    First thing you do in that situation is contain and put out the fire. Then assess and carefully extract the driver. You can actually hurt the driver worse by rushing over and yanking him out. I've wondered for years why NASCAR doesn't invest in a foam pumper truck or 2, or even lease them from local stations to get to fire scenes quickly and douse any chance of a fire or put out any fire that is happening. I'm just glad the raw fuel didn't catch and make this much worse than it was.

  43. John Stephenson

    John StephensonMaand geleden

    I usually have a 6th sense when it comes to scary wrecks happening but this one was completely out of the blue. I had a certain feeling when Brendan Gaughn flipped last year, when Austin Dillon had his crash, etc. But this one there was no warning.

  44. S.KullRandom

    S.KullRandomMaand geleden

    For me, I knew a wreck was gonna happen, claiming a racing veteran. I just didn't know it would be a near repeat of 2001, almost claiming one of the most unlikely racers in the game

  45. Riley Rios

    Riley RiosMaand geleden

    I think you did the right thing and wait to find out about Ryan Newman first before uploading this. I was going crazy on the internet trying to find out if he was ok. There was a lot of people getting backlash about the wreck, from Ryan Blaney to Denny Hamlin, the 11 team, Nascar, Fox Sports, etc. At the end of the day, we are human. Some people take action, some people lack knowledge, some complain, and some pray. If no one else will agree with @youtoo about waiting to hear about Newman first before posting then that is your opinion. Just remember we ARE human and everyone is different where they stand on the matter and acknowledge it.

  46. Ace Hardy

    Ace HardyMaand geleden


  47. Leamonhead

    LeamonheadMaand geleden

    It’s been 13 year since a flip has happened at a Daytona 500. Unlucky number I even said it yesterday that a car would flip. I hate to see that bad of a crash it scared the shit out of me.

  48. Zachary Owens

    Zachary OwensMaand geleden

    @Commanche Official yeah

  49. Commanche Official

    Commanche OfficialMaand geleden

    Leamonhead I was bout to say dillon but that was the Coke Zero 400 wasn’t it

  50. Brandon Parnell

    Brandon ParnellMaand geleden

    Expect to see something done to the cars

  51. S.KullRandom

    S.KullRandomMaand geleden

    The first major safety update since 2001, perhaps?

  52. Brent Vanbuskirk

    Brent VanbuskirkMaand geleden

    Nascar took both cars to the nascar research and development center

  53. Fortnite Rex

    Fortnite RexMaand geleden

    I thought Newman died for a second

  54. James Wormsley

    James WormsleyMaand geleden

    Gacha Rex that was the craziest wreck ever 😲😲😲

  55. SOU7000

    SOU7000Maand geleden

    I'll be honest, I haven't felt this sick since the 2001 500.

  56. Helll Evean

    Helll Evean18 dagen geleden

    SOU7000 right

  57. onepiece430

    onepiece430Maand geleden

    I haven’t felt sick since Austin Dillon’s wreck

  58. S.KullRandom

    S.KullRandomMaand geleden

    This year was gonna be a repeat of that year's race had the enhancements not kicked in on the cars

  59. William Groves

    William GrovesMaand geleden

    19 years later and it still hurts.

  60. Brandon Miranda

    Brandon MirandaMaand geleden

    I love these reaction videos but thank you so much for waiting to post this until after the news that Newman is ok

  61. allendynasty

    allendynastyMaand geleden

    The scariest wreck ever. But these cars are so safe. And so glad Newman is ok. At least it wasn't someone's first 500 so it wouldn't be overshadowed by this.

  62. Stover

    StoverMaand geleden

    This was hard to watch again. I don't even know if it will get easier with time.

  63. Armored Fishy

    Armored FishyMaand geleden

    I just wanna know what Hamlin was thinking during all that carnage out of turn 4


    c DEFAULTY BOIMaand geleden

    John Stephenson ur a sped, just saying.

  65. Armored Fishy

    Armored FishyMaand geleden

    Aaron Cyrus Educational and Hamlin already unhooked is radio

  66. Aaron Cyrus Educational

    Aaron Cyrus EducationalMaand geleden

    John Stephenson He was not informed of the severity of the crash, the spotter takes responsibility for not fully informing him before he had seen the replays.

  67. Armored Fishy

    Armored FishyMaand geleden

    crystaljon wdym my favorite driver is Hamlin

  68. John Stephenson

    John StephensonMaand geleden

    streetboss24 sorry, I didn’t realize that these guys who race these cars year in and out can’t tell a serious wreck when they see one. How silly of me to think that, especially since Denny broke his spine in these cars. Thanks for showing me the errors in my ways for thinking these guys were smart enough to tell.

  69. GR1M RACER

    GR1M RACERMaand geleden

    Glad he is ok. Could of gotten his first win.

  70. Brandon Miranda

    Brandon MirandaMaand geleden

    GR1M RACER Ryan Newman won the Daytona 500 in 2008 so he has won it before but would have been nice to have that outcome instead of this

  71. Roger Rice

    Roger RiceMaand geleden

    Glad to see Newman is okay

  72. crystaljon

    crystaljonMaand geleden

    I'll just say this now, I really don't like how people are going after Blaney and Hamlin for this accident. It was three guys, going for the win in the biggest race of the year. That's all it was. Also, the whole victory celebration controversy was the result of being unaware of the situation. Gibbs himself has released an apology for that, stating that they didn't realize the severity of the situation, and Hamlin's spotter Chris Lambert said he himself would take full responsibility for not being more informative, since would have been the one who would tell Hamlin about the situation. There's just a lot of toxicity in the air.

  73. John Stephenson

    John StephensonMaand geleden

    Just Kidding Not Really Didn’t say I was upset. Just got defensive. Big difference. 🤦

  74. Just Kidding Not Really

    Just Kidding Not ReallyMaand geleden

    @John Stephenson Getting upset by what someone says about you on the internet, mind you a person you a person you will probably never ever have another exchange with outside of this, shows you might wanna check your temper. Just an FYI.

  75. John Stephenson

    John StephensonMaand geleden

    Just Kidding Not Really Getting told you’re a horrible person for having morals makes a person get on edge. Just an FYI.

  76. Just Kidding Not Really

    Just Kidding Not ReallyMaand geleden

    @John Stephenson I hope have gotten laid since your last comment. You seemed a bit on edge a couple of days ago.

  77. Damian Arnold

    Damian ArnoldMaand geleden

    Hamlin also went to the hospital after the victory celebration to check on Ryan

  78. Explosive_Nitros Xb1

    Explosive_Nitros Xb1Maand geleden

    I feel terrible for Ryan Blaney he’s kicking himself right now I bet and listening to his post race it sounded like it was an honest racing incident which is good

  79. Christian Prendergast

    Christian PrendergastMaand geleden

    I feel worse for Corey lajoy

  80. JeffSanabria

    JeffSanabriaMaand geleden

    Blaney got loose after he was hit by Hamlin. I mean no one is intentionally trying to hurt anyone here it is just a very sad outcome. Prayers go out to Newman.

  81. Black to Black

    Black to BlackMaand geleden

    Good news he is alive he is VERY Lucky

  82. Wobbleology

    WobbleologyMaand geleden

    Thank god newman is ok. Extremely horrifying wreck

  83. jtravis07

    jtravis07Maand geleden

    He’s out of the hospital doing great

  84. Damian Arnold

    Damian ArnoldMaand geleden

    And now he is up and walking around

  85. Austin Reed

    Austin ReedMaand geleden

    The good news is that Newman’s injuries are not fatal. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

  86. Helll Evean

    Helll EveanMaand geleden

    Y Saloo guys calm down this happened to aric almirola in 2017 at Kansas

  87. Y Saloo

    Y SalooMaand geleden

    I think he is still in serious condition.. Hope he is OK and Hoping for a speedy recovery.

  88. The News

    The NewsMaand geleden


  89. Flex tape fixes everything

    Flex tape fixes everythingMaand geleden

    The News Watch the end of the video moron

  90. streetboss24

    streetboss24Maand geleden

    Yootoo waited for news on Ryan Newman‘s condition and even put something at the end of the video

  91. SkippingRhyme

    SkippingRhymeMaand geleden

    Dude Fuck off!

  92. CEdwards19 Fan

    CEdwards19 FanMaand geleden

    The News I mean he didn’t die, so I don’t see a problem